DDS Bioelectric Therapy

DDS is a kind of bio-electric therapy which combines with the Chinese medicinal principle, modern western reflexology, bio-electricity technology.

The electric current flows through the tips of the therapist's fingers to your body to release pain, activate nerve and muscle tissues, and more.

30 - 60 minutes

$120 - $190

Insurance may cover, check yours.

What is DDS Therapy?

DDS is short for Trans-Dermal Drug Delivery although it is also called the Direct Detoxification System. DDS therapy is a combination based on the Chinese Medicinal Principle, modern Western Reflexology, Bio-Electricity Technology. The DDS Machine (CE Certified) generates a low electrical current into our body to regulate the meridian back to health.

What are the benefits?

- Clearing the blockages of the meridians
- Promote blood circulation
- Activate nerve and muscle tissue
- Purify and detoxify 

What to expect During a session?

1. Place special gel for DDS therapy on your skin where the therapist will work.
2. The electric current generated by the DDS machine flows through the tips of the therapist's fingers to your body. The therapist will use acupressure reflexology points to stimulate healing in your issue place.
3. The touch is gentle, safe, and effective.

Does DDS therapy suitable for everyone? 

The answer is NO. DDS bio-electricity therapy isn't right for everyone.
People with the following conditions are NOT suitable.
- Have a pacemaker;
- Pregnant;
- Have a bacterial infection;
- Have breast augmentation;
- Have any kinds of foreign objects that do not belong to your body.

Does DDS have any side effects?

For very low bio-electricity to your body is considered safe, but some may experience temporary symptoms after treatment.

- General fatigue or dizziness
- Muscle weakness or fatigue
- The desire for sleep or difficulty sleeping
- Increased feelings of thirst
- Mild fever or feeling heated
- Slight headache
- Dim or blurry eyesight

If any of these symptoms arise, discuss them with your DDS therapist,  and let us know your body reaction.

The history of DDS Therapy

DDS Bioelectric therapy is a relatively new technology. It was proposed in 1986 and introduced to the southeast Asian market in 2010. One year later (2011), the DDS Bio Electric Massaging machine passed the European certification process (CE). It started to become accepted and popular in Europe, laying the foundation for international development. In 2014, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the modality of DDS Bioelectric therapy.

Scientific Readings

1. How electricity could replace your medications (TedMed talk). 
Neurosurgeon and immunologist Kevin Tracey shares the frontiers of a new, hybrid field - bioelectronic medicine. The video was published on TedMed Youtube Channel, May 26, 2016.

2. Endogenous Bioelectrics in Development, Cancer, and Regeneration: Drugs and Bioelectronic Devices as Electroceuticals for Regenerative Medicine, written by Michael Levin, John Selberg, and Marco Rolandi, published online 2019 Nov 25. Link:

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