What to expect as a new patient?

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1. Free consultation (optional) and make an appointment

Not sure about your situation? Give us a call and schedule a 15 minutes FREE consultation.

2. Wear cosy cloth

We advice you to wear comfortable and cosy cloth.

3. Arrive early

Arriving a few minutes earlier than your appointment will make you feel less stressful and fully enjoy your time session. Don't worry about parking. We have parking lots for both office locations.

4. Bring in new patient registration form

Email us your form via email to save your time.
Download the form on the right side.

5 Evaluation

Meet the doctor, the doctor will evaluation your condition.

6. Lie down and relax, start your session.

we have parking for both office locations.

New Patient Registration Form

For all new patients, please fill out the following form in your preferred format, prior to your first appointment.


Cancellation Policy

We understand that your schedule might change, for a non-charge cancellation, we will need a 48 hours notification in advance. 

For late cancellation and not show up, a full cost of the visit will be charged.