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Margaret Zeng, O.M.D.   L.Ac
30 years clinical practice




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The Conditions We Are Expertise In

The specific treatment varies based on the situation of each individual.
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Body Pain Relief

Work injuries, sports injuries & auto accidents. Head, neck, shoulder, back, knee, ankle pain,  arthritis, muscle strain and spasm, tendonitis, bursitis, sprain.

Anxiety, Fatigue, Sleep Disorder

Depression, worries, stress. Unknown reasons for feeling tired, difficulty falling or staying asleep, insomnia.

Infertilities & Sterilities

Regulating the body to get ready to conceive, supporting IUI or IVF during the western treatment period, PCOS, male sterilities.

Women's Issue

Irregular period cycles, dysmenorrhea, bleeding between periods, vaginal dryness, breast lumps/cysts, unusual vaginal discharge odor, uterine fibroids, endometriosis.


Shortness of breath, asthma, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis.

Constipation / Diarrhea

Changes in appetite, nausea, vomiting, gas, bloating/pain, heartburn, acid reflux, sudden weight change.

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Our Services



30-60 minutes

$100 - $120

Insurance may cover, check yours.

Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. It entails stimulating specific points on the body to increase the Qi movement, most often with a needle penetrating the skin.



30 -90minutes

$40 - $120

Insurance may cover, check yours.

Acupressure therapists use fingers, elbow, or with various devices to clear blockages in body meridians and to help you release pain and heal quickly.


DDS massage therapy

30-60 minutes

$120 - $190

Insurance may cover, check yours.

The DDS Machine (CE Certified) generates a low electrical current into your body. It is a safe and drug-free alternative treatment for people in pain by prompting the body to produce endorphins to relieve pain.

Cupping Therapy


15 -30 minutes

$40 - $120

Insurance may cover, check yours.

It is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin to create suction. Cupping helps with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and well-being.



60-90 minutes

$70 - $100

Insurance may cover, check yours.

Moxibustion is a form of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in which dried plant materials called "moxa" are burned on or very near the surface of the skin to increase energy.

herbal medicine

Chinese medicine & Herbs

10  minutes

$15 - $20

Chinese Herbal Store

It is entirely natural and does not use any synthetic chemicals. Herbal formulas have been refined over the centuries, and are empirically proven to be useful for a wide range of conditions.

Success Stories

Real clients share their stories with us.

Louis M.


I have been using Dr. Zeng's services for about a year and highly recommend her to anyone suffering from chronic symptoms. She recommended the herb treatment that helped me tremendously. I tracked her down last year and have been receiving acupuncture and massage. My circulation has improved due to these services and treatments. I saw improvement in the first session, but it does take time.

April 26, 2018

Neill K.


I had lower back pain that was very deep. Dr. Zeng provided an acupuncture treatment that sent enormous energy throughout areas in my legs and hands. Even though those areas are not the lower back, Dr. Zeng explained how the treatment is holistic and deals with channels of energy. Well, I did feel those channels! Now I feel more balanced, and my lower back does not hurt at all. Amazing!

May 27, 2019

David B.


I met Margaret Zeng when I was barely able to walk. I had nine surgeries on my leg because I had Compartment Syndrome and lost a lot of muscle and experienced nerve damage. She nurtured my leg at first and slowly developed a plan for me gradually to get better. She took away most of the pain at first, and now she has helped me walk again. Thank Margaret for making my life better! I recommend Dr Zeng.

May 27, 2019

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