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Margaret Zeng

Dr. Margaret Zeng has been a traditional Chinese Doctor (TCD) for over 25 years. She has come to the United States of America to share the art of Tai Chi Quan. It is a privilege for her to share this treasure to the world.

At the time she was born, food was scarce and precious in China. For the family to get together, and having a large family as it was, lacking food was common place. Dr. Zeng has an older brother and sister and one younger sister. When her mother gave birth to her, it was difficult to support an healthy pregnancy. She was born with a digestive absorption disorder, and was especially weak as a young girl. The doctors warned her parents that young Margaret might not live long; then recommended her parents search for another way of healing.

Fortunately, for Dr. Margaret Zeng, her grandfather was a “Chinese herbal doctor,” who lived in the countryside, and was well respected and admired. Although he was not really a “doctor” to speak of; in fact, he never went to college, and his reading and writing skills were limited. He learned Chinese herbal medicine from his father–Dr. Margaret Zeng’s great-grandfather, who died by accident while he was picking precious herbs on a mountain top.

When Dr. Margaret Zeng’s grandfather was a little boy, her great-grandfather would have her grandfather pick up some wood in the mountains, then teach him how to identify the different herbs from the field. For example, when someone in the village got sick, they came to Dr. Zeng’s grandfather’s house, he would merely go out to the field, pick some herbs, and have the patient go home and make an herbal drink from the herbs. The next day the patient would return to her grandfather, overjoyed with excitement that their sickness was cured and have a smile on their face because he had cured them of their ailment. In return, they would bring her grandfather some eggs and vegetables from their own garden.

Due to Dr. Margaret Zeng’s condition, her parents sent her to live with her grandfather. Her grandfather had her drink a dark brown, herbal coffee-like drink everyday in order to cure her of her ailment. Also, he would give her a “soft touch” on her body which would give her the ability to move properly. One day she asked her grandfather why he was able to just touch someone softly and all their problems would disappear. To this day, she still remembers his smiling face and laughter, as he told her he would teach her the secret of his “soft touch” technique. At that point, Dr. Zeng became extremely anxious to learn this important secret so she could share it around the world. The next morning, while it was still dark outside, her grandfather awoke her telling her she would now begin Taichi lessons. From that day forward, she persevered from the beginning stages of Taichi that would take her to learn the art for herself. Because of this, she soon found that her health and strength had improved tremendouly, regardless of what doctors had informed her previously.

It was an amazing sight to observe as she watched her grandfather heal people, as well as learn Taichi herself. One day she asked her grandfather to teach her all about Chinese herbs and medicine. Her grandfather was ecstatic by her choice and taught her well. By the age of sixteen, she was able to pass the physical examination necessary for entrance to college where she learned traditional Chinese medicine. Fortunately, for the sake of good nutrition, Chinese herbs and the practice of Taichi, Dr. Margaret Zeng was able to survive the digestive absorption disorder, and attend college, and leave her hometown to spread her vast knowledge. After she graduated from College, she was sent to an A-grade and Three Level hospital which is the best hospital in the area.

She  also served as Internal Medicine Physician in several hospitals and clinics which handled face to face communication with patients, combined with western medicine system she provided patients with excellent treatments for most internal disorders, including inpatient, outpatient, and emergency services.  Also providing the excellent alterative treatments such as acupuncture, herbs, Qigong and Tai chi to deliver safe and effective Asian bodywork therapy, and to apply the principles of Oriental and natural healing.

Beyond the health benefits from the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the experience and knowledge she has garnered from Taichi practice, her continuing source of inspiration and guidance of her daily life. The influence of Taichi in her life is so profound, real and available to anyone ready and willing the path of holistic art, she has dedicated herself to promoting and sharing this treasure of Chinese culture.

Margaret Zeng was born in Central China, after she graduated from Traditional Chinese medical College in China, she became a Doctor, she has worked in a Chinese hospital for more than 20 years. She learned Tai Chi and Qigong when she was a little girl from her grandfather who lived in the countryside She also learned Tai Chi and Qigong theory while attending college. Currently, She is the owner of Natural Way Health Center. She holds both M.D and T.C.M.D licenses from China, and a licensed acupuncturist in California.

After receiving a 5 years of full-time medical training, she established strong medical credentials in both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine.She education consists of training and practicing in China and and later pursuing a doctorate degree in America. She also is a Premium Member associated with American Tai Chi and Qigong organization. She specializes in following areas:

  1. Pain Control: Neck pain, back pain, joint pain, auto accident, sports injury etc.
  2. Woman’s Health Care: menstrual disorder, infertility PMS, painful periods, menopausal symptom, such as hot flashes, night sweats, dryness and insomnia.
  3. Digestive system problems, constipating.
  4. Weight Loss: No surgery, no starvation, no heavy exercise required. Acupuncture can speed up metabolism, increase energy level, control appetite, and boost confidence. This is an easy, simple, fast and effective way to help you lose extra weight.
  5. Stress, depression, headache, insomnia.