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Chinese Herbs & Medicine

Natural Way Health Center promotes holistic health and healing arts. Chinese Herbal medicine is completely natural and does not use any synthetic chemicals. Based on over 4000 years of continuous clinical experience, herbal formulas have been refined over the centuries, and are empirically proven to be effective for a wide range of conditions.

Chinese herbal medicine formulas are most effective if they are combined with acupuncture treatment.

Chinese Herbal formulas are constructed with ingredients that are easily assimilated by our bodies. Chinese herbs medicine not only ease pain, but address the root of the problem, and bring our bodies into an energetic and biochemical balance. And Chinese herbs medicine formulas are also valuable as preventative medicine.

As with all modalities within Oriental medicine, side effects from herbal medicine are minimal. Natural Way Health Center only carries the highest quality herbs. All of our Chinese herbs medicine are authenticated and tested for purity and potency, ensuring their safety and efficacy.